Eight days of shooting in LA, Las Vegas and Utah, doing spectacular time-lapses of LED Billboards and shooting the construction of one of the worlds biggest video-walls at Berlin Alexanderplatz.

vegas timelapse


First day of shooting: Phönixsee

Fantastic screenplays and a moving story about rich and poor in Germany’s industrial district.
1. season. 

Production: Eikon West
Director: Bettina Woernle



Wrap: ‘Bruder vor Luder’

Germany’s first You-Tube movie. Starring Heiko und Roman Lochmann(DieLochis).
Produced by: Alpenrot, RatPack, Mythos, PiaF
Director: DieLochis / Tomas Erhart



‘Schaust Du hin?’

A Social-Spot for ‘TERRE DES FEMMES”
Thanks to VCC Studio Babelsberg and Lichthaus Berlin.
Production: HBDG
Director: Nils Brandt



Monsters in Berlin

Old-school studio work at Havelstudios / Berlin.
It still works without CGI and it really made fun.
Production: HBDG
Director: Nils Brandt